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St. Paul & The Broken Bones: Angels In Science Fiction

Alabama's St. Paul & The Broken Bones dramatically scale back the scope of their big band on Angels In Science Fiction as bandleader Paul Janeway delivers an inspired set of songs directed to his daughter, Marigold.

As Janeway sings his thoughts to his newborn child - they are presented here as a collection of feelings that span the scope of joy, hope, fear, confusion and more. On "City Federal Building" a great groove is established even if it contemplates the passage of time with a desolate - and, perhaps - apocalyptic point of view that could encapsulate the worries he has for his child's future in an uncertain world. "Magnolia Trees" is more personal as it branches out via Paul's appealing old school soul approach that benefits from the touch that only the Sun Recording Studio is Memphis can provide.

The first single "Oporto-Madrid Blvd" is another bright spot that buzzes with the experimental R&B that dominates the twelve tracks on this intricate and intimate missive to the next generation of Janeways. Paul remarks:

"Oporto Madrid Boulevard is an actual street in Birmingham, which I drive frequently," says the St. Paul and Broken Bones frontman. "There is a lot of imagery, but one of the biggest themes of this song is nature over nurture, starting with the first line of the song 'Power lines running through the branches on the street, city cuts 'em down.'"

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