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Now You Can Relax from Daun to Dusk!

Relax (2013) by Terry Daun is a dreamscape of relaxing instrumental compositions that are dedicated to those in the healing arts. It is soft textures that speak to the soul though nature and melodic tones. It is music to ease into your day or to end it on a peaceful note.

Relax with its delicate percussion and delightful keyboard sequences is a departure for Daun the rocker. Terry is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist who has been playing drums for almost 4 decades. Terry is also a composer, producer, harmonica player and keyboardist. Interestingly, Terry cites hard rocking drummers such as John Bonham as major influences but Relax is powerful in its subtlety.

Prevailing themes throughout the six songs on Relax are environmental elements especially water. The CD opens with "At Tonto Creek" which blends gentle percussion patterns with the flow of a creek. "Space" has sounds and spacing that are slightly other-worldly putting one in a reflective rather than rousing mood.

"The Way To Dawn" merges the delightful songs of early morning birds with beguiling keyboard effects. "At Window Rock" is another pretty piece that melds guitars, keys and water sounds. "Winds Of Chimes" mixes intricate tones with chimes. "Raining in LA" combines crafty soundscapes and rain.

Terry's music is ideal for massage and meditation. Relax is 60 minutes of magical music that will put your body and mind at ease from Daun to dusk.

• Info: -- USA/AZ: Terry Daun (Laura Turner Lynch/SoundPress.net)

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