Tim Reynolds and TR3:
Eclectic Electric!
A SoundPress.net Archive Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

The last time we saw Tim Reynolds at Mexicali Blues Cafe in Teaneck it was solely a solo acoustic affair. In 2008, there was not a hollow bodied guitar in site as the night belonged to the all electric, recently resurrected jam trio - TR3!

Tim Reynolds in Concert!
Tim Reynolds has taken TR3 on the road in 2008 to rave reviews!

Experimental guitarist, Tim Reynolds is well respected for his work with Dave Matthews but Tim is extraordinary in his own right with numerous individual and collaborative projects to his credit.

Tim's music draws from a diverse palette of influences including Hendrix, Marilyn Manson, Marley, Santana and Zeppelin. Reynolds melds these mediums into his own unique tapestry. Tim is a master of effects and his technical skills abound.

In the spring of 2008, Tim reformed his power trio TR3 for a much anticipated tour. Their music is a fusion of blues, funk, jam, jazz, R&B, rock and world. The band is performing new material that Reynolds prepared especially for the tour along with imaginative covers. TR3 is Tim (guitar and vocals), Mick Vaughn (bass and vocals) and Dan Martier (drums). TR3 appeared at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, New Jersey on March 20, 2008.

Close to the five year anniversary of the war in Iraq, Reynolds' gave his cutting commentary by opening the set with Neil Young's 'Ohio'. TR3's instrumental interpretation of the anti-war anthem was potent with powerful rhythms. Tim's fingers were flying furiously over the fret of his Fender adding to the intensity.

Both Tim and Mick sang 'Indoctrination', which featured enhanced textures and tones as the piece progressed through numerous musical tangents. 'See You In Your Dreams' featured pleasing picking combined with a technique where Tim's' thumb sorted of floated over the strings of his guitar crafting singular sounds as Dan and Mick provided solid rhythms.

Tim Reynolds in Concert!
Tim tore up his Fender most of the night!

Another timely cover, as the 20th was Holy Thursday, was the band's spirited version of 'Jesus Is Just All Right' introduced by Tim as a song about Jesus but not Jerry Falwell's. TR3 expanded the song with soaring leads and soulful beats.

In contrast, Tim switched to a black guitar with a thicker neck to pull heavier sounds from the instrument. The bass lines were darker and 'Donkey Bong' featured metal flavored shredding, chunky bass lines and determined drumming.

Reynolds made a reference to space before moving into the exploratory 'Kabbalalli'. It was laden with guitar effects and altered vocals that were sort of alien. A creative combination of weird guitar rifts, wicked grooves and wild effects. Tim's eyes were closed and he appeared to be out of this world but Reynolds soon returned to use more experimental effects on this expansive trip.

Tim switched to a Les Paul to perform the hard rocking 'Victory Express' followed by the heavy 'Industrial Complex' that was dominated by Dan's dramatic drumming. Tim utilized the entire fret of his guitar, manipulating metalish notes from the strings, mixed in with other tricky, techniques.

Still building on the power of the previous songs, the trio played a rousing rendition of Zeppelin's 'How Many More Times'. Their version was potent with Tim incorporating slide effects on his thick necked guitar. The cover was filled with fast furious forays into different jams - then returning to the familiar Zep structure. Ending it, Tim joked, "that was a song by Barry Manilow - you love him".

Tim Reynolds in Concert!
During the show Tim incorporated a variety of styles, slide and foot pedals!

Mick handled lead vocals on the bluesy 'Matte Kudasai' as Tim added slower, sultry slide work to the song. The second half of TR3's 25 song set built on the momentum of the first. TR3's show demonstrated the diversity and dynamic of the band. The format gave Tim ample opportunity to explore different pacing and playing. The songs crossed genres melding styles and structures. There was plenty of innovative jamming mixed in with heavy moments and subtler songs. The closing 'Whole Lotta Love' medley proved that TR3 is a power trio to be reckoned with.

There has been a fourth member of TR3 on the road with the band on this tour. During a tribute to "The Godfather of Soul" Tim has welcomed an 18-inch tall singing James Brown doll into the fold on a hilarious version of "Sex Machine". This animated guest appearance and much-raved encores that often include a cover of "Hocus Pocus" by Focus have proved the much talked about highlights of the tour so far!

One of the two opening acts for TR3 was an impressive three piece called the Marc Rizzo Band featuring Marc Rizzo of Soulfly. The group was cohesive and colorful. Marc's thin acoustic toned electric guitar was clamped into a stand and Marc was able to pull amazing sounds from this unusual set-up with his Yamaha.

Their instrumental set blended jazz, rock and world in creative compositions. Rhythms were solid and stimulating throughout. Mark was dexterous, employing the entire fret of his guitar for varied, vibrant chords and melodies. Many guitar parts were multi-layered, exploring jazz, Latin and jam as the bassist and drummer added their own exploratory exchanges to the mix. 'Milagro', which means miracle in Spanish was magical and a highlight of the band's skilled and spirited set. The Mark Rizzo Band was a worthy opener for TR3, whose eclectic, electric set was engaging with magnificent musicianship, comprehensive covers and expert use of effects.

TR3 Setlist: Ohio | Indoctrination | See You In Your Dreams | Sweet Spot | Jesus Is Just Alright | Donkey Bong | Wind Just Blew The Door Open | Kabbalalli | Uncover The Reason | Victory Express | Industrial Complex | How Many More Times | Matte Kudasai | Move On Ahead | Caveman | Backdoor | Test Of Time | Burning Season | Tribulation | Sex Machine | Skeleton Walls | Hocus Pocus | Leelines | Don't Know What | Whole Lotta Love

Tim Reynolds in Concert!
Show opener Marc Rizzo also plays in Soulfly and cavalera conspiracy!

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Tim Reynolds at Mexicali Blues!

(Originally Published on March 24, 2008)





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