Captures the Essence of The Beatles
A Feature Article by Laura Turner Lynch

DJ and hit-making musician Greg Kihn is also a well-respected author. Greg's latest work of fiction Rubber Soul incorporates his musical background and his love of The Beatles into one unique tale.

New Novel Rubber Soul by Greg Kihn Captures the Essence of The Beatles

As a DJ, Greg had the opportunity to interview those who were in the Beatles' inner circle and he himself was inspired to become a musician after seeing The Fab Four on the Ed Sullivan Show. Kihn blends historical Beatles facts into a fictional story as told through "Dust Bin Bob".

Beatle lore says that the lads from Liverpool were influenced heavily by records from America that the Merchant Marines would bring back from their voyages. With this piece of information, Greg created his main character Bob to be a friend and associate to The Beatles.

The story starts with Bob on the docks of Liverpool making a deal for a box of American 45's. Bob buys the records because he is passionate about music and also to sell them at his father's odds and ends stall and shop. Bob meets John Lennon and Stu Sutcliff at the stall. They are very interested in the 45's and a conversation and friendship is sparked. Later, Bobby meets the other band members and additional relationships are formed.

From that point forward, Bob's life is intertwined with The Beatles. Bobby joins the Merchant Marines as The Beatles chart their course towards fame. Bob watches the Beatles climb up the ladder of success and countless times in the book he reconnects with The Fab Four.

In his travels Bob encounters shady characters, musicians and girls. Bobby ends up in Germany at the same time as the Beatles were there playing at the clubs. As Beatles fans know, it was in Hamburg where the band perfected their craft before returning to England to be discovered by Brian Epstein.

Bobby visits America and finds a well-stocked record shop. Through that shop and a guitar player named Clovis the tale touches upon other major musicians of the times. In addition, the book also lines up with news worthy events such as the assassination of JFK.

The novel includes well known facts about The Beatles. The use of history, humor and slang added to the narrative. Greg used many English expressions such as lorry (truck) to keep the times and tones of the storyline. The chance encounters that frequented the tale were at time a bit of a stretch but acceptable as Greg clearly states in his introduction that this and the dialogues were works of fiction.

Kihn effectively tells the story of The Beatles from their formative years until they decided to stop touring in 1966. Rubber Soul is the story of a nowhere man who went somewhere with The Beatles!

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(Originally Published on June 22, 2013)




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