Extended Family Seeks New Followers
with a Rock Doctrine that is For All Of You
A SoundPress.net Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

The Rochester, New York based indie rock band Extended Family has a cult following across the region. Not to be confused with Charlie's groupies or the notorious California-based community with a similar name the band Extended Family is currently a nine-piece musical collective large enough to field a team on the baseball diamond. However, there is a definite leader, manager and orchestrator out front who gives the family guidance while providing the space for his brothers and sisters in music the room to grow and groove together.

Extended Family - For all of You

The doctrine and direction for the band comes from the charismatic singer, songwriter and guitarist Geoff Dale who is so far best known upstate for his master craftsman status as a brewer. He is one of the key principles behind the popular and palate pleasing Three Heads Brewery. Dale is also a lifetime musician crafting songs since his teens and their latest release For All Of You marks ten years of making music for the hard to categorize company of melodious companions.

For All Of You is for all of you out there who like their jambands crossed with alternative rock fronted by a Jerryesque persona flanked with two female singers. The girls in the family sometimes sound a bit like Natalie Merchant in stereo probably because her music is strongly written into the fabric of the musical DNA in the Rochester area. On this CD you feel the occasional power of U2 and the mood of the Maniacs on a 12-track record that is a pleasing yet curious hybrid of styles and genres.

They say you can't choose your family but in this case Dale has brought together eight talented friends and associates into the family business of bringing his songs to life. Each Extended Family member's musical gifts become apparent as For All Of You unfolds.

The album opens with the low-key sonic assault Angles that introduces Geoff and his Extended Family. The track provides the title for the CD when Dale states this song is "for all of you" who may have lifted him up or knocked him down over the years. The bouncy pedal steel slide below the surface introduces recent pick-up Dan Lynch before being driven home by the singular and punchy lead by guitarist Trevor Holly. These are certainly not the last licks to be heard on the record.

"Easy" opens with a heavy riff reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" that introduces the females in the family. Alison Rouse and Erin Burns Mitchell are not just back-up singers in this project. They are in the starting line-up and offer a nice counterpoint to Dale's patriachial approach as a folky singer-songwriter.

"Afterthought" rocks and then on second thought slows the pace down before its gone. Here the full-bodied band is ever-present to create a sound that never feels bloated. The tasty and kaleidoscopic tunes continue with solid songs that often burst with texture as they tell the tale of Dale's life and times throughout For All Of You.

"My Diamond" shines with the Extended Family all fielding their positions nicely. You hear some more slide, a steady backbeat, pretty piano and a little dirty guitar solo on another track that hits it out of the park.

On their latest release the Extended Family have adopted a new musical approach that could turn them into rock icon status like the idols carved in stone depicted on the colorful cover of their new CD. On For All Of You we find a band mixing a tasty assortment of eclectic musical ingredients for an overall satisfying blend that in beverage terms is a shot of cool aid for the masses. You'll drink it up!

Extended Family: Alison Rouse - vocals; Todd Dirrigl - bass; Erin Burns Mitchell - vocals; Dan Lynch - pedal steel guitar; Trevor Holly - guitar, Jeffrey "Woody" Woodruff - drums; Geoff Dale - guitar & vocals; Sean Holly - keyboards; Rick Holland - guitar

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(Originally Published on October 26, 2014)





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