The Charlie Daniels Band & .38 Special
Hit It Out of the Park in Pomona!
A Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

The Charlie Daniels Band teamed up with .38 Special on August 28, 2013 to perform at the Provident Bank Park - a minor league baseball stadium in Pomona, New York. Both groups scored as they took their turns at bat. Stylistically the lineup was a double play for fans who appreciate southern tinged rock and roll.

The Charlie Daniels Band & .38 Special Hit It Out of the Park in Pamona
Charlie Daniels takes the stage and surveys the crowd in Pamona in 2013.

The Charlie Daniels Band was the headliner, captained by CD wearing his signature bull rider hat and oversized belt buckle. They started with an up-tempo country flavored tune with the feisty fiddle setting the pace. As he sang, Charlie was swinging the bow around before returning to the instrument to tap the strings for more foot stomping string work. The second song was equally energetic as Daniels was backed by a rocking band that included a bold bassist, a daunting drummer, a keyboardist with a B3 and two guitarists with Charlie often making it a triple play.

"How you doing tonight?," inquired Daniels. He shared a bit of history before they presented "The Legend of Wooley Swamp". The storytelling was punctuated by three soaring guitars. Charlie admitted that he is opinionated and a user of Twitter. He stated that he responds to people that call him a red neck with thank you because a red neck is someone who is up before the dawn and works all day in the sun. This was a fine lead up into "(What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks" an image filled piece of patriotism.

The Charlie Daniels Band & .38 Special Hit It Out of the Park in Pamona
Scenes from the Charlie Daniels Band concert at Provident Bank Park.

Daniels gave a shout out to all those who serve in uniform as he dedicated and spoke The Pledge of Allegiance that segued into the timely "In America", which had a country flavor with one of the three guitarist using a slide. Charlie said that in his 55 years of making music that this is his best band yet and wrote "Black Ice" with them in mind. The tune was an intense instrumental that allowed each player to shine with the drum solo being the center piece of a blazing display of musicianship.

Charlie mentioned that Fire On The Mountain would be forty years old next year. "Some of our most requested songs come from that album," declared Daniels as they played a lively "Long Haired Country Boy". He also shared that he went to Nashville in 1967, saying that it was a tough town, recalling that a particular superstar was kind to him. The band paid tribute to that man with "Folsom Prison Blues". The drums propelled the train patterns of the Johnny Cash classic as the other instruments added a fuller sound to the track. CD being aware of rivalries in the tri-state area changed some of the lyrics to "shot a man in East Rutherford ... because he was a Philadelphia Eagles fan" which was comical and creative.

The Charlie Daniels Band & .38 Special Hit It Out of the Park in Pamona
More scenes from the Charlie Daniels Band concert at Provident Bank Park.

Next, Charlie was softly strumming a guitar as he sang "How Great Thou Art" with the keyboards gently adding a church feel to the hymn. It was countered by a swinging "South Is Gonna Do It Again". At this stage in the game, Daniels had returned to the fiddle after playing a series of guitars for much of his show.

Instead of going through an encore routine, Charlie said "we are going to do one more song for you" and yes it was "The Devil Went Down to Georgia " complete with its funky, wicked duel with the devil. "God Bless You, good night," said Charlie as the band exited the stage and the stadium lights came on to close out a winning event.

"We don't slack up, we stack up, we go out there every night to win," states .38 Special vocalist Don Barnes and that's exactly what the band did at Wednesday's double header. They came out swinging with "Rockin' Into the Night". The hit was a solid crowd pleaser that showcased quick succulent guitar solos and shout outs to New York .

"Rockin' " rolled right into "Rough-Housin' '" - another rousing tune with animated keys floating to the top of the mix. "Back Where You Belong" kept the up-beat pace going with the band harmonizing on the hooks and engaging the audience. It was followed by a stirring "Wild-Eyed Southern Boys".

The band kept on base running with a lively cover of Bad Company's "Live For The Music". With seamless turns .38 Special went into "Stone Cold Believer" a peppy "Back To Paradise" a spirited "Somebody Like You" to the sassy Honky Tonk Dancer" / "Teacher Teacher" medley that merged into three more songs. It was a montage with momentum and musicianship. .38 Special slowed it down for "Chance" and "Like No Other Night" both blended "melody and muscle".

The Charlie Daniels Band & .38 Special Hit It Out of the Park in Pamona
.38 Special were locked and loaded and banged out the hits.

"Are you guys with your "Fantasy Girl", Barnes inquired jesting that you better say yes as they performed a feisty version of the single that had the fans once again clapping along. "Trooper With An Attitude" was aggressive and agile. They closed with a captivating "Caught Up In You". The encore was the timeless "Hold On Loosely" that slid into a fast paced cover of CCR's "Traveling' Band".

Warming up for the CDB and .38 Special was local musician Ryan Vosler. Armed with an acoustic he performed a pleasing set of originals. Ryan sang clearly which revealed that many of his songs were about relationships - a topic that all can relate too. He chatted between his catchy tunes and mentioned that his track "Best of Me" would be featured on the TV show New Girl.

Everyone was in good form at the Provident Bank Park on Wednesday. The pairing of the Charlie Daniels Band with .38 Special was a fine way for the stadium to end their 2013 concert series. Please check in 2014 for baseball games, concerts and other community activities at the park in Pomona which has both general admission and seating for musical events.

The Charlie Daniels Band & .38 Special Hit It Out of the Park in Pamona
Local act Ryan Vosler warmed up the stadium audience in Rockland County.

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(Originally Published on August 31, 2013)




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