Marco Benevento at Arts Brookfield
Performer Draws His Fans In
and Gives It All Away in New York City

A Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

Pianist Marco Benevento headlined a multi-media concert at the Brookfield Place Winter Garden in New York City on September 19, 2013. Benevento is a visionary musician who spans the worlds of indie, jam and jazz. Marco's free event combined music, videos and visuals for an exploratory experience for both listeners and players.

Marco Benevento at Arts Brookfield in New York City
The Marco Benevento Band live at Brookfield Place in New York City.

Benevento graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 1999. He has studied and performed with a wide array of artists. Marco is well respected for his innovative styles that not only include keyboards and organ but other tools such as circuit bent toys and a glockenspiel.

The Brookfield Place Winter Garden is a large elegant open space. Yet, from where we were standing the sound was good. The stage was up against a wall with a big screen behind it. Mark's piano was surrounded by effect pedals, toys and a tiger head. There was a camera pointed at his keyboard. The drum kit included a red fire alarm bell on top of the bass drum. The bass guitar set up also had effect tools.

Benevento started playing a hand held keyboard to start the show off in a whimsical way. Loops were added as the bass and drum blended into the jam. The colors and images including the tiger head on the screen were in sync to the spectrum of mesmerizing music.

Marco Benevento at Arts Brookfield in New York City
Marco is a New Jersey native who now resides in New York and travels the world with his music.

Marco mixed an assortment of effects, loops and sounds into his expansive instrumentals. The music had many moods with lots of good grooves. Fans were dancing and moving to all the cool changes that the trio was crafting. At one point it got trippy and the images of mushrooms added to that illusion as heavy rhythms underscored the journey.

"Super crazy place with a lots of reverb," enthused Mark as he greeted NYC before returning to more hypnotic and peppy progressions. At the start of "The Real Morning Party" Mark asked the crowd to count to four and assist with vocalization. More colorful clips on screen added to the creative compositions that had the crowd rocking.

During a short drum solo that incorporated loops, Marco changed into a black and white stripped suit. The track "Two of You" melded lots of tricks including Benevento putting his hand into the piano to pull out more unique notes. The tune flowed into "Walk Like An Egyptian" before moving into a vibrating progression. The visuals enhanced that vibe. "Fireworks" was colorful and fun both sonically and visually.

Benevento talked about some of the circuit bent toys he had assembled on stage before surprising attendees by giving them all away to lucky members of the audience. As the band played "Limbs Of A Pine" from the TigerFace album Marco put on the tiger mask and began dancing to the drums. Magic markers were handed out as fans were encouraged to come on stage to color Benevento's suit. Marco literally drew his fans in by inviting them to draw on him.

Marco Benevento at Arts Brookfield in New York City
Marco Benevento put on a colorful show by letting fans color on his striped jacket.

The mask was placed on Dave the bass player who roared into an even high gear with his bold bass solo. Lastly, Andy on drums wore the head adding a primal feel to the piece. The concert closed with another animated jam.

Benevento and his band played an interactive and innovative set. Marco's show may have been part spectacle but he has plenty of skills to make it all high art! Afterwards, Marco was at the merchandise table to greet his fans.

Brookfield Place is part of Arts Brookfield an organization that presents hundreds of exciting, world-class cultural experiences such as Marco Benevento for free. Arts Brookfield entertains millions of people each year in both indoor and outdoor public spaces at Brookfield Office Properties' premier complexes in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Toronto, Perth and Sydney. From concerts, theater and dance to film screenings and art exhibitions, Arts Brookfield brings public spaces to life through art.

Marco Benevento Band: Marco Benevento - keyboards; Dave Dreiwitz - bass; Andy Borger - drums; Jay Cooper - video artist

Marco Benevento at Arts Brookfield in New York City
Marco Benevento's multi-media event was also an interactive affair.

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(Originally Published on September 22, 2013)




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