Rock Legend Dave Davies
Draws on His Past and Present at the bergenPAC
A Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

Rock legend Dave Davies performed his past and present songs at the bergenPAC in Englewood, New Jersey on November 14, 2013.

Dave Davies
Dave Davies on stage at the bergenPAC in Englewood, New Jersey.

Dave Davies with the band The Kinks were part of the British invasion of the 1960's. Their initial hit "You Really Got Me" rocked with distorted guitar power chords which Dave had discovered. Those dramatic riffs would later influence other genres of music such as heavy metal and punk. It was one of the reasons why the group was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 the first year that they were eligible. The band officially parted ways in 1996.

The Kinks had a stormy as well as a successful career that ran through a diverse range of styles including R&B, theatrical and arena rock. Davies is also a solo artist and his latest record I Will Be Me was released in 2013. The record has been described as a return to Dave's guitar roots. He has been touring in support of the album, which led him to the bergenPAC on Thursday night.

The three other members of Dave's band quietly took the stage jamming on the intro to "I'm Not Like Everybody Else." Walking out with feigned difficulty Davies was center as fans were on their feet to welcome him. As some may know, Dave had a stroke a few years ago only recently returning to the stage. The group aptly executed the first tune with Davies adding fine fret work to the mix.

The band was tight supporting Dave who handled lead vocals. His tone was similar but not the same as his brother's (Ray Davies) giving the songs a different feel. Both the bassist and drummer assisted with backing vocals on classics such as "I Need You" and a captivating "She's Got Everything".

Dave mentioned that he had a new album out and they played the first song from that record. "Little Green Amp" was a rocker with edgy riffs and rhythms that echoed of his past. "Creeping Jean" was sassy with a slide guitar adding a nice twang to the textures of the track. It was followed by "Tired Of Waiting For You".

"See My Friends" had a spiritual feel melding with swirling chord progressions as Dave added strong leads to the mix. The bass player shifted to the keyboards as Davies picked up an acoustic guitar for the subtle "Strangers". Sticking with the reflective mood the band performed "Flowers in the Rain" with the keys contributing sounds of rain to the track. "Young and Innocent Days" also had a mellow look back on life vibe. Some humor was mixed into "Death of a Clown". The audience remained attentive during Davies' acoustic part of the show.

Circling back to the new album Dave played "The Healing Boy". The song was penned about his grandson revealing Dave's different perspectives on things. It was a tender thought provoking tune. The set returned to more rockers such as "Where Have All the Good Times Gone" and "All Day and All of the Night". Both songs had flair and had fans on their feet as Davies closed out the show.

The encore included a refrain of "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" along with part of the catchy "Cote Du Rhone" from I Will Be Me. Then we heard that distinctive distorted guitar riff - the one that had started it all for The Kinks. Dave with his capable team completed the concert with a rousing "You Really Got Me". It was good to see Dave back in action. He appeared to be in fine form and humor as he tours in support of a new chapter in his musical life.

The bergenPAC is part of Englewood's hub of cafes and shops. The theater continues to host a wide range of talent such as Dave Davies. Upcoming events at the venue will feature Aaron Neville, Gin Blossoms, Michael Feinstein Trio, Jackie Mason, Pinkalicious, Cedric, Kenny Rodgers, Los Lobos and Boyz II Men.

SETLIST: I'm Not Like Everybody Else / I Need You / She's Got Everything / Little Green Amp / Creeping Jean / Tired Of Waiting For You / See My Friends / Strangers / Flowers in the Rain / Young And Innocent Days / Death Of A Clown / I'm On An Island (partial verse) / The Healing Boy / Living on a Thin Line / Dead End Street / Where Have All The Good Times Gone / All Day and All of the Night / Encore / Father Christmas (partial verse) / I'm Not Like Everybody Else / Cote Du Rhone (I Will Be Me) [Excerpt] / You Really Got Me

Dave Davies

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(Originally Published on November 16, 2013)




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