Taylor Barton Releases Everybody Knows
with Style in NYC with G.E. Smith and Southside Johnny
A SoundPress.net Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

Taylor Barton is a singer, songwriter, novelist and playwright whose new CD Everybody Knows will be release in July of 2014. Everybody Knows (Green Mirror Music) produced by Tony Shanahan, showcases eleven heartfelt originals of loss and love.

Taylor Barton Releases Everybody Knows with Style in NYC
Music legends G.E. Smith and Southside Johnny performed some improvised blues.

"Taylor writes from the trenches of the self-examined life: motherhood, sobriety, rock wife-dom and grief, with soul mate G.E. Smith as her sideman, she creates aching American classics" states musician Paula Cole

Taylor founded her own label Green Mirror Music in 1992 with her husband G.E. Smith. Smith a high caliber in demand guitar player has been part of Roger Water's "The Wall Live" tour since 2010. In addition to solo work G.E. has worked with countless others such as Hall & Oates, David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan.

Taylor Barton Releases Everybody Knows with Style in NYC
Taylor Smith and her band appearing at The Standard East Village in July 2014.

Southside Johnny who is considered one of the creators of the "Jersey Shore Sound" joined the couple to celebrate the launch of Everybody Knows on July 1, 2014 at The Standard Hotel (25 Cooper Square) in New York City. The Standard is located in the East Village. The event was held at a top floor penthouse suite with spectacular views of NYC. The all window room created an intimate setting for an evening of music.

Taylor was fronting a four piece band that included G.E. Smith. Her first song was full of vivid religious imagery with the instrumentation complementing her storytelling. "Won't Carry the Shame" from Everybody Knows addressed life's challenges delivered in a soulful style with Smith adding articulate acoustic guitar accents to the muse. "Iron Curtain" was iron clad with bold instrumentation combined with Taylor's solid singing.

Taylor Barton Releases Everybody Knows with Style in NYC
Israeli musician David Broza lent some international flavor to the affair.

The next tune was a compelling commentary on relationships and the idea of having "One Friend" who never lets you down. Again the bass, guitar and single drum complemented the sentiments of the song. Barton shared that she had suddenly lost her sister about three years ago. Taylor had a dream about her sister which compelled her to pen the insightful "Train's Coming". The track was propelled by a snappy rhythm paired with references to life in the context of trains.

Taylor mentioned a children's book that she had written. A sea tale of a little girl, an octopus and an oil spill, which inspired the next song where the drummer rubbed the surface of his instrument to create underwater sound effects that blended well with more stellar strumming from G.E. Smith.

Taylor Barton Releases Everybody Knows with Style in NYC
G.E. Smith and Taylor Barton make beautiful music together on Everybody Knows.

After Barton's segment, David Broza joined the band. David performed a song from his new album East Jerusalem West Jerusalem stating that his record was a joint effort between Israeli and Palestinian musicians working in a peaceful way. As top level players do the group quickly found their groove as they jammed. Broza said that G.E. had produced records for him including one that set poetry to music, this flowed into their unique spin on Elvis Costello's "Everyday I Write The Book". Their version moved at a meandering melodic pace but even in its subtler moments the guitar exchanges were electrifying.

Southside Johnny arrived armed with a briefcase full of harmonicas. He brought a grittier mood to the music. Their take on Jackson Browne's "Cocaine Blues" featured fine fret work, the harmonica with both G.E. and Southside talking turns on lead vocals. David joined in for a two guitar assault of the blues, at some point SSJ started rapping about harmonicas as the animated acoustic guitars punctuated his lyrics. For the last song of the night, Southside borrowed G.E.'s guitar to strum and sing about summer evenings as the band added to the aura of the tune.

Taylor Barton released Everybody Knows with style, while sharing the spotlight with other talented musicians. The intimate event at The Standard Hotel was a special way to start promoting her new record. SoundPress.net wishes Taylor much success with the album and beyond!

Taylor Barton Releases Everybody Knows with Style in NYC
Lower Manhattan lights up with approval in a view downtown from The Standard penthouse balcony following the show.

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(Originally Published on July 06, 2014)





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