Deep Purple Burns Down the MPAC
with a Smokin' Hot Show in Morristown
A Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

Deep Purple unleashed a scorching show to an enthusiastic crowd at the MPAC. Deep Purple is an English rock band that is still going strong since its inception in the late 1960's. They are among the pioneers of hard rock and metal. Yet, they are not content to rest on their laurels instead the members of Deep Purple continue to produce new music and expand on their classics.

Deep Purple Burns Down the MPAC with a Smokin' Hot Show in Morristown
Longtime members Roger Glover, Ian Gillan and Ian Paice provided a solid core of rock.

Deep Purple has been through numerous personnel changes labeled Mark with a Roman numeral. The current line-up Mark VIII has been stable for years. They relentlessly tour thus gaining new fans along with those who have been following the band since its start. In 2014, we found Deep Purple on the road in the heart of historic Morristown, New Jersey to play at the Mayo Performing Arts Center (MPAC) on August 24, 2014.

As the house darkened spacey music filled the MPAC. Flashing lights flared as Deep Purple roared out for "Highway Star". They played with speedy precision as individuals and as a team. Thus, the pace was set as they jumped into a blazing "Into The Fire". The use of lighting paired with videos added fuel to the fire and these high-tech techniques were used effectively throughout the concert.

Deep Purple Burns Down the MPAC with a Smokin' Hot Show in Morristown
The new guys Don Airey and Steve Morse have been part of the band's most stable lineup ever.

"Hard Lovin' Man" was hard hitting with more sizzling solos from the band. Ian Gillan sang with strength holding many long notes. "Strange Kind of Woman" was another scorcher with more effects and expansive jamming. Although Deep Purple was loud their sound was well mixed so that each instrument including the keys were distinct.

"Thank you very much," greeted Ian as he joked that they would be moving into the folk-rock portion of the show. Gillan then introduced a newer song "Vincent Price" stating "it feels so good to be afraid". The track was haunting flowing into a stellar guitar solo from Steve Morse who blended technicality with tricks. Don Airey added intriguing keyboard sounds to the mix. Later Ian Paice's drum solo was daunting as he played a portion of it in the dark using light up sticks that changed colors. As Ian rolled out of his solo Don crafted bass like notes to converse with his hypnotic Hammond B3 organ. The rest of Deep Purple returned with Gillan playing harmonica to give "Lazy" a bit of a blues feel but still in a hard rock format.

Deep Purple Burns Down the MPAC with a Smokin' Hot Show in Morristown
More shades of Deep Purple in rock action in downtown Morristown.

Deep Purple closed their set with a triple assault starting with a potent "Perfect Strangers", a soaring "Space Truckin' " and the crowd sing-a-long "Smoke On The Water". They quickly returned for their encore starting with the flavorful instrumental "Green Onions". They paid honor to the band's history with an expansive version of "Hush" showcasing a beguiling bass solo from Roger Glover. Deep Purple finished with a sprawling "Black Night" with more impressive jams from the band.

Deep Purple performed an energetic and engaging show at the MPAC. Since they tour frequently they were tight yet took liberty with the music. It was another enjoyable concert presented by the MPAC, which continues to feature a diverse range of shows such as Deep Purple. Upcoming events include John Fogerty, KWS, Steely Dan, Bill Engvall, Don Williams, B. Stokes & Kelli O'Hara, Ladies of Laughter, NJ Tap Ensemble and ASIA.

Deep Purple Burns Down the MPAC with a Smokin' Hot Show in Morristown
Their new album NOW What?! finds Deep Purple touring North America in 2014.

Deep Purple - Mark VIII: Don Airey - keyboards / Roger Glover - bass / Ian Gillan - vocals / Steve Morse - guitar / Ian Paice - drums

Setlist: Highway Star / Into The Fire / Hard Lovin' Man / Strange Kind Of Woman / Vincent Price / Contact Lost / Uncommon Man / The Well-Dressed Guitar / The Mule / Lazy / Hell to Pay / Keyboard Solo / Perfect Strangers / Space Truckin' / Smoke On The Water / Encore / Green Onions / Hush / Black Night

Deep Purple Burns Down the MPAC with a Smokin' Hot Show in Morristown
They all came out to the MAYO PAC in Morristown to catch the legendary Deep Purple rock the Green.

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(Originally Published on August 25, 2014)




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