as Metal Soul Redeemers in New Jersey
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Judas Priest returns to their classic metal roots with their latest album & tour - Redeemer of Souls (released 7/8/14). Their 17th record proves that Judas Priest still reigns with skills in the studio & on the stage and that is exactly what they did on October 17, 2014 at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Judas Priest Still Reigns as Metal Soul Redeemers in New Jersey
Rob Halford prowls the Izod Center stage in New Jersey in 2014.

Forty years ago, Judas Priest was one of a number of English groups that pioneered heavy metal music. Throughout the 1970's, Judas Priest built an aggressive sound powered by two lead guitarists paired with a vocalist who had an operatic range. That singer Rob Halford also wore leather with studs, which are now staples of the metal scene. The band became superstars in the 1980's with records that were hard rocking but radio friendly, thus influencing many in their wake.

Judas Priest took the stage by storm with "Battle Cry" backed by lights, visuals and vibrant polished metal which set the bar high for the night. Rob Halford declared "the Priest is back" and they delivered with high powered dueling lead guitars, hard rock rhythms and Rob's stellar vocal range. Over the course of the evening Halford would sing in the deep dark realms all the way into those incredible high ranges.

Judas Priest Still Reigns as Metal Soul Redeemers in New Jersey
Scenes from the Judas Priest Redeemer of Souls tour stop in East Rutherford.

Their set was a mix of classic Priest along with songs from the new album. "Victim of Changes" was potent with both guitars soaring before the track moved into a moody moment then the pace picked up again concluding with wow notes from Halford. "Halls of Valhalla" featured furious fret work paired with varied vocals along with imagery on screen that enhanced the song's impact.

"Thank you so much, a lot of celebrating around this band," stated Rob as they moved into a biting "Love Bites" with its bold riffs and rhythms. "March of the Damned" was daunting with fiery lights adding to the song's dark vibe. "Turbo Lover" was tantalizing and tight. "We have been making heavy metal for 40 years, thank you again for your support," said Halford before presenting the title track from Redeemer of Souls. It had all the elements of classic Priest - rousing rhythms, sizzling riffs and soaring vocals. "Beyond the Realms of Death" as Rob said had a strong message conveyed in melodic metal tones that built up to a mighty roar.

Judas Priest Still Reigns as Metal Soul Redeemers in New Jersey
Priest's potent and patented two guitar attack remains intact with Richie Faulkner and Glenn Tipton.

"Jawbreaker" showcased more power packed metal with pictures of destruction conveying the drama of the song. "Breaking The Law" was brazen. "Hell Bent for Leather" was the perfect time for Rob to drive out on a motorcycle. Flanking the bike as he sang the tune he encouraged fans to sing the hook line then a bit later there was some back and forth ya yas. The classic "You've Got Another Thing Comin' " is still a riveting rocker as is "Living After Midnight" with its memorable refrains in hard rock format that closed the show on a high note.

After 40 years Judas Priest still reigns. Rob - the man of many coats is still a charismatic leader - and the band are all pros. Judas Priest is lustrous metal with the history, hits and energized live show to rule for many more years to come.

Judas Priest Still Reigns as Metal Soul Redeemers in New Jersey
From Los Angeles, California - Steel Panther opened the show with a set of music and comedy.

Opening for Judas Priest was Steel Panther a glam-metal band from Los Angeles, California. The group is known for raunchy lyrics combined with an embellished stage persona reflective of the decadent 1980's. Steel Panther's colorful clothes matched their comical, flashy and very racy presentation. The four-piece opened with the fast paced "Pussywhipped" a metal inspired commentary on a couple in which the woman wears the pants. It was followed by a peppy anthem to partying. They cursed a lot and were rather provocative with their commentary about and to the crowd. They were apt musicians but their lengthy chats with the audience was a risky approach that either appalled or appealed to people so the reaction to the quartet was noticeably mixed.

Like any good glam-metal band the boys incorporated simmering guitar solos along with coordinated moves into their show reminiscent of Van Halen's "Jump" video. Remaining in the realms of metal - "Asian Hooker" and "Gold Digging Hooker" were graphic yet had catchy hooks. With a joke about the next song being a big hit in Guam, Steel Panther goofed on 80's power ballads that use to sing of true love but were really about good times and getting down. They closed with "Death to All But Metal" an animated tribute to the genre and New Jersey's "Metal-lands".

Judas Priest Setlist - 10/17/2014: Battle Cry/Intro | Dragonaut | Metal Gods | Devil's Child | Victim of Changes | Halls of Valhalla | Love Bites | March of the Damned | Turbo Lover | Redeemer of Souls | Beyond the Realms of Death | Jawbreaker | Breaking the Law | Hell Bent for Leather | Encore | You've Got Another Thing Comin' | Living After Midnight

Judas Priest Still Reigns as Metal Soul Redeemers in New Jersey
X-rated rockers Steel Panther at the Metal-lands Arena in 2014.

Judas Priest:
Richie Faulkner - guitars
Rob Halford - vocals
Ian Hill - bass
Glenn Tipton - guitars
Scott Travis - drums

Steel Panther:
Lexxi Foxx-bass, vocals
Satchel - guitar, vocals
Michael Starr - lead vocals, guitar
Stix Zadinia - drums, keys, vocals

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