Taylor Boyd Herron Showcase
Highlights Tasty Day of Music in New York
A SoundPress.net Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

He's taken the route from Missoula to Michigan to Jazz Master and thanks to the Juilliard School's policy of open door recitals we were able to be a part of saxophonist Taylor Boyd Herron's showcase on April 04, 2015 at Lincoln Center that was part of the requirements to fulfill the distinguished school's Master of Music Degree.

The Taylor Boyd Herron showcase took place in this wing of the Juilliard School.

Taylor Boyd Herron is an accomplished alto and soprano saxophonist who has taken advantage of his residency in New York by working in several different jazz configurations throughout the city. The event at Juilliard was held at 60 Lincoln Center Plaza in a studio with wall to ceiling windows that overlooked the busy streets below. Room 340 was itself shuffling with activity as Taylor presented several different band configurations during an intense 75-minute set of music that explored jazz classics and Herron's own compelling originals.

Mr. Herron was accompanied by an ensemble of fellow Juilliard scholars. They began the afternoon concert with Cole Porter's (1891-1964) "I Concentrate on You". Taylor shared that he liked the double time sax parts in the piece. As is the tradition in jazz, players in the horn section stepped up to solo. "Cayo Levisa" was written by Taylor who said that it was inspired by a beach in Cuba - a pretty and relaxing place that he had now painted into a musical landscape.

Herron took a different approach with "Strength and Sanity" by Booker Little (1938-1961). He inviting a string quartet to join the band which also consisted of a drummer, pianist and a stand up bassist. "Flash Point" another original was fast paced in parts. "Duke Ellington's Sound of Love" written by Charles Mingus (1922-1979) was an innovative blend of bells and saxophone. The recital concluded with Taylor's "Room 102 Blues" which gave everyone in the band opportunities to stretch out musically.

Vintage Live was exciting and entertaining.

SoundPress.net thoroughly enjoyed the recital that featured potential future stars. The school is stocked with talent just waiting to be discovered as they prepare to reveal their musical education to the world. A quick glance at the Lincoln Center website will help you discover the array of events that the music complex hosts including free recitals by students of Juillard the prestigious dance, drama and music school in the heart of Manhattan.

The next item on our agenda for the day was an evening performance of Vintage Live featuring Gregory Charles and his one-of-a-kind interactive musical extravaganza and his state-of-the-art mobile Le Qube Theater. This cabaret-style and musically masterful performance incorporates technology and audience participation all powered by its creator's charisma and well-honed showmanship. The concert at the JBL Live at Pier 97 in New York, runs through early May and is not to be missed.

As is normally the case we needed to fuel up after hiking dozens of city blocks and good karma came our way when in our travels we discovered Indikitch located at 940 8th Avenue. This causal café now at two locations throughout Manhattan could be described as the Chipotle of Indian food. The interior design, furnishings and set-up is similar giving patrons choices to create their own feasts of rice, beans, vegetables, naan, and a main course. We thought the food was flavorful and the vibe at the restaurant was friendly and we can't wait to return.

IndiKitch - welcome to the "Chipotle of Indian food".

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(Originally Published on April 07, 2015)





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