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A Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

The Garden State's favorite sons and the purveyors of high powered Gold-selling glam metal return in 2015 with their fourth full-length album that finds them older, wiser and still rockin' just as hard as ever. The pride of Paramus, New Jersey - Trixter - are back at it with Human Era (June 9 on Frontiers Records). This much anticipated 11-track release is an epic platter that celebrates their historic epoch as able ambassadors of the genre.

Trixter on stage during their 2015 video shoot.

Trixter ascended to heirs (hairs) apparent in the early 90's on the strength of their first two releases and these young guns with gusto found themselves plying their trade in arenas around the world as openers for many of the rock giants of their day. They were clearly next in line. But, they soon butted heads with the emerging grunge scene and the sound of Seattle and that unexpected changing of the guard effectively sidelined the band for nearly two decades.

In 2012, they released their much heralded comeback called New Audio Machine that helped re-establish them in a new audio era where all genres seemingly exist at once. Now, a quarter of a century since their debut Trixter is back again with their most satisfying record to date.

"After the success of our last album we felt more confident than ever in making another top notch album. I'm so proud to say that after more than 25 years of making records, TRIXTER is getting better and better. "Human Era" will show the world this band at it's finest," says lead guitarist Steve Brown.

They open the set with a hot anthemic rocker from their archives that serves as the album's lead single. "Rockin' to the Edge of the Night" sounds just as fresh today as it did back in the 80's and benefits from the group's collective experience in the studio and on the road. Mix in some Bon Jovi, big Def Leppardy choruses and a Poison-ess party vibe and this one will keep you rockin' til the sun comes up.

Trixter's new album Human Era is one giant leap for mankind.

"Crash that Party" keeps the beats pulsating on the party scene and "Not Like All the Rest" is a poignant and infectious plea for recognition filled with twisted teen angst and anxiety. But, there is much more than good time rock on Human Era, however. The boys are now middle-aged men with responsibilities and families to look out for. There are several tracks that reach beyond the bluster to reveal a surprising depth of human feeling and empathy towards their fellow man.

"Every Second Counts" is a sonic reminder that our time on this plane is limited and we're all to make the best of it while we have the chance to. "Beats Me Up" is a reflection on the realities of life on the road and the hard choices people are faced with when balancing family and career. "Soul of a Lovin' Man" finds the boys branching into a more soulful and bluesier form of rock. "Human Era" is the title track and a look back at the accomplishments Trixter has already achieved in their career with an eye toward the work that is yet to be done.

"Almost 30 years together and the band is tighter than ever! We are family and that makes everything we do more and more special," Steve Brown remarked. We agree and as Trixter begins their Human Era they are starting an exciting new chapter that finds a band evolving and exceeding expectations - and that's good for all of us - especially in these times.

• Peter Loran- lead vocals, rhythm guitar
• Steve Brown- lead guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
• P. J. Farley- bass guitar, backing vocals
• Mark "Gus" Scott- drums, percussion, backing vocals

The video for "Rockin' to the Edge of the Night".

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(Originally Published on June 05, 2015)




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