Todd Rundgren Goes Global
with a Worldwide Epiphany on the EDM Scene
A Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

During his set at Friday night's "Global Tour" concert in New Jersey, music legend Todd Rundgren played a techno and tricked out version of his song "Can We Still Be Friends". The answer to that question was yes and no. For many of the hardcore fans who attended the show on August 14, 2015 at Englewood's bergenPAC this was just another Todd performance revealing a magical transformation by the artist known as "god".

Todd Rundgren - A Wizard, A True Star - returns to Englewood.

For other more casual attendees unawares that Rundgren has taken a sharp turn into EDM in recent years, that god had become Satan. They left streaming for the door. For the many that stayed for the two plus hour show they witnessed Todd Rundgren as a creative changeling. His concert was a demanding affair where Todd had to become a physical performing artist in addition to guitar icon and pleasing vocalist.

Back in April the CD Review Dept said that the Global album is a satisfying blend of the blue-eyed soul, rock and singer-songwriter stylings of the man known as a wizard and true star combined with his latest interests in the electronic dance scene that should get the feet moving the world over. Tying the whole project together is a new message from the much beloved musical messiah - that we must be much better stewards on this planet while adopting a deeper appreciation for our fellow man if we expect to really get anywhere in this world.

Todd Rundgren - Global Tour - 2015.

Case in point are songs such as "Rise" when Todd sings "if we don't rise then we will fall" over a hypnotic trance base while firmly warning that "time keeps ticking away". On "Blind" Rundgren sees a world full of myopic media-types and leaders who fail to acknowledge the myriad of problems we face as a people because they choose to ignore the "writing on the wall". "Earth Mother" points out that we have overcome in the past by giving a shout-out to "Rosa Parks" and others who have proven our potential to put things on a more positive path while telling the rest of us to get "out there and heal the world". On his 25th solo album proper Todd Rundgren has risen to the occasion and has given us reason to have hope in these hard times - and that's a cause for celebration - or at least a Global dance party.

"Englewood, how you all feeling?," inquired DJ Reggie B who opened the show with a buildup of heavy beats to punctuate his Todd introduction. Rundgren flanked by two stylish female singers encouraged the crowd to clap their hands to the energized "Evrybody". The quartet kept the pace up for a peppy "Flesh & Blood" and a rousing "Rise". Throughout the presentation Todd often acted out or danced to his lyrics with the girls adding more moves and vocals to the mix. Todd waved his hands above his head as his interpretation of "Smoke" billowed throughout the theater.

Todd Rundgren - Global Tour - 2015.

At the bergenPAC there were tall columns of screens that increased the color and images of the whole stage presentation. Strobes were also used. The ladies changed their clothes a number of times enhancing the visual impact of the show. In "Holyland" they wore exotic outfits that suited the Middle Eastern yet still electronic mood of the tune.

Todd played two re-mixed Utopia songs during the night. Both "Secret Society" and "One World" were danceable although lavish guitar leads were woven into the former. Towards the end of the concert Rundgren performed EDM versions of his biggest hits blending "Can We Still Be Friends", "I Saw The Light" and "Hello It's Me". An on screen image of a disco ball was a nod to another popular dance phase. The encore included "International Feel" and "Just One Victory."

Todd Rundgren - Global Tour - 2015.

Todd was in good shape and voice on Friday night. He was able to hit high notes as he kept moving to the heavy rhythms of his Global grooves. Rundgren's latest incarnation may not speak to everyone but he should be commended for his willingness to change and incorporate other musical elements into his ever growing body of work. There were a number of fans who were happily dancing to the bass beats while others enjoyed the vibrant and visual show that Todd and his talented team presented.

The bergenPAC located in Englewood's thriving downtown continues to host educational programs and an array of artists such as Todd Rundgren. Upcoming events at the bergenPAC include Rael, The Shape of Things, Ladies of the 60's, Lisa Williams and Dead On.

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Todd Rundgren's latest release and second EDM offering, Global.

(Originally Published on August 15, 2015)




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