Fathom Events Presents - The Wall
and Roger Waters on the Big Screen
A SoundPress.net Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

Roger Waters is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter best known for his work in the group Pink Floyd. Roger wrote some of their most memorable concept albums including Dark Side of The Moon and The Wall. In 2010, the latter became a massive stage production of epic proportions. Globally for a number of years, the double record was performed by Waters and his band in its entirety, complete with music, props, puppets and a gigantic wall.

This version of The Wall was even more spectacular than the original.

On September 29, 2015 Fathom Events presented Rogers Waters The Wall in select movie theaters. The concert film was an immersive experience that also included a question & answer section with Roger and Nick Mason who shined more light on the legendary album that dominated the airwaves in 1980. The Wall was a rock opera about abandonment, breakdowns, relationships and self-imposed isolation.

The live version of The Wall was bigger than a tale of personal isolation - it touched upon suffering on all levels as a result of conflicts and corruption. Waters used The Wall in bold fashion to punctuate his points. The result was a serious yet spectacular spectacle and film. SoundPress.net was on the scene at the AMC in Wayne, New Jersey to take in Roger Waters The Wall which may be the biggest block buster rock show in history. It was well suited for the silver screen as The Wall was large scale yet also a personal and political story.

Thousands of more fans got to see The Wall thanks to Fathom events.

The concert began with the dramatic "In The Flesh". Vibrant visuals paired with that iconic music filled the theater before shifting to the poignant "The Thin Ice". "Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2" featured a mammoth, mean teacher puppet. As the tale unfolded more bricks were added to The Wall. "Mother" was another menacing figure that had multiple meanings. The wall continued to fill in with gaps left for folks to see the band with the last brick put in place as Roger finished up the first part of The Wall with "Goodbye Cruel World".

The second half of the show also ran in album order. Highlights included "Hey You", "Comfortably Numb" and "Run Like Hell". A broad spectrum of lights and sounds were used to enhance this already powerful show. Roger Waters was backed by a first rate team of musicians.

Rogers Waters performs The Wall in 2012.

The wall itself was a major part of the performance. It was utilized to visually broadcast ides and images while serving as a colossal calling card for change. Rogers Waters The Wall was entertaining but also engaging as it touched upon important issues that need to be addressed and left some hope that perhaps we can rebuild our own world one brick at a time.

Roger Waters The Wall is one of many exclusive films that Fathom Events has featured on the silver screen. Fathom Events has something for everyone including ballet, Broadway, concerts and classic movies in HD paired with surround sound.

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