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Conquer New Lands with Fathom Events
A Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

On December 12, 2016 Fathom Events with Eagle Rock Entertainment presented an exclusive one night only viewing of The Rolling Stones Ole Ole Ole: A Trip Across Latin America. The film presented the band on a journey through ten Latin American cities culminating with their historic concert in Havana, Cuba on March 25, 2016. Fans enjoyed live performances of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "It's Only Rock 'n Roll," "Wild Horses," "Honky Tonk Women," "Sympathy For The Devil," "Paint It Black", "Miss You" and more.

The documentary opened with the last day of rehearsals complete with family and pets lingering on and around the stage. The Glimmer Twins and company sounded nice and warmed up with the legendary Keith Richards adding that all that was needed now "was an audience".

Soon, the Stones land in Argentina where they are more than just your average cultural icons - they are the influential inspiration to a whole subsection of society who are proud to call themselves "rolingas". Many of these fervent followers were introduced revealing themselves to be way more than your typical fan. Instead, they strut around like the non-genetic offspring of the boys who act and dress with Jagger swagger as they live out the rock and roll lifestyle on the streets of Buenos Aires.

Throughout the film stunning scenery and sights of the overcrowded cities and towns in Latin America filled the big screen. Clearly, many of these areas are still impoverished and it's from these downtrodden places that the Stones are drawing some of their most zealous and dedicated fans in the world as Ole Ole Ole clearly illustrates.

Contrarily, the glamorous life of rock stars is revealed as they are greeted with royal reception when they touch down in locales throughout the continent. A glimpse inside Richards' Four Seasons suite finds him in the lap of luxury. Another accommodation for the guitarist shows him relaxing and playing Spanish-themed guitar at a rooftop penthouse complete with a large pool on the patio. It's only rock and roll but he likes it.

If you ever wonder what the Stones do during their downtime on tour we get a glimpse behind the scenes. The depth of Ronnie Wood's artistic craft is explored as he paints with an old friend in Columbia. The band is also treated to backstage performances by local bands and dancers.

The Stones get the crowds going with "Out of Control" complete with ecstatic audience participation that Mick milks for complete effect. This third single from the 1997 Bridges to Babylon album has been a concert staple ever since right up their with all the other hot rocks fans have come to expect at a Rolling Stones show.

During an interview Mick Jagger reminisces on how the Stones and rock music as a whole was banned by the military regimes in many Latin American countries during the Stones peak time in the 1960s and '70s. He observed how, "The Rolling Stones, being part of this rebellious movement was anathema to a lot of these regimes."

On their 2016 jaunt to Latin America many new doors opened. The movie documented their first ever performances in Uraguy and Peru. However, the greatest sense of euphoria was reserved for the climatic concert in Havana. Despite last minute wrenches thrown into the machine by The Pope and President Obama the Rolling Stones triumphed in front of over a half a million fans.

The Rolling Stones Ole Ole Ole: A Trip Across Latin America was our favorite Fathom Event yet for many reasons. One, it showed that the Rolling Stones are still an amazing potent live band who have maintained their global commercial appeal 50 years on and counting. It also revealed in this current era when music has been perceived to have been diminished that rock and roll stills retains its liberating power especially in places like the newly emerging Cuba.

At one point early in the film Mick admits that there's a re-learning curve every time the band gets back together and a fair amount of rust needs to be dealt with. Fans will recall live broadcasts of tour openers in the 90's that sometimes left you wondering if the Stones could still satisfy an audience. But, on this video and the related Havana Moon concert film the group has quite shockingly and surprisingly never sounded better.

Fathom Events contends that the movie theater isn't just for films. With Fathom you can experience exceptional one night only events such as the Rolling Stones locally. The production company offers a new channel of entertainment on the big screen combined with big sound. Now folks can attend ballets, Broadway productions, comedies, concerts, operas and sporting events nearby in the comfort and convenience of a movie theater. Please check out for their complete list of programs.

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(Originally Published on December 13, 2016)




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