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Interview with David Wimble: At 20 - Why the Indie Bible Remains the Most Miraculous Resource for the Modern Day Musician

There's one sure way to know that David Wimble - founder and publisher of the highly acclaimed Indie Bible - made an enlightened decision when he set his plan in motion to create the music industry resource guide that has become the standard in the biz for the self-marketing entertainer. That proof lies in the fact that they are currently celebrating the 20th edition of the product now available as The Ultimate Indie Bundle.

What started out as a small printed book in 1999 that was eventually merchandised in many of the top brick and mortar locations is now only available in digital formatting. That goes to show that Wimble and his team are keeping up with the times by adapting to new technologies in a way that many large corporations haven't been able to figure out.

What does that mean for you the consumer and D.I.Y. musician looking for access to press and promotion opportunities? Well, the 20th anniversary example of the Indie Bible is comprehensive and substantial clocking in at over 1750 pages in PDF format including access to an even larger online database of contacts to help your career prosper and grow.

The Ultimate Indie Bundle features: 1100 Publications from around the world that will REVIEW your music! / 5600 Radio Stations and Shows from around the world that will PLAY your songs! / 900 Music Blogs that will feature your music! / 800 Record Labels that are ACCEPTING DEMOS! / 140 CD Distributors! / 120 Digital Music Distributors! / 380 Digital Websites where you can UPLOAD your music! / 28,000 Music Venues, Festivals and Colleges! / Plus 190 cutting edge ARTICLES that will help bring your career to a whole new level!

The team from Kweevak had the pleasure of meeting David Wimble at the 2004 Global Entertainment and Music Summit held at various venues that year in New York City. It was there that he told us that the product was really an offspring of promoting his own music career that eventually grew into his current calling. We recently caught up again with the prolific publisher to ask what has changed in the industry since he first launched the Indie Bible two decades ago.

"Nothing has really changed in the last 20 years other than the quality of these different tools," Wimble said citing the online marketing evolution from to the current proliferation of streaming platforms. "Social media has exploded in a thousand different ways, high speed internet and powerful personal devices allow for loads of opportunities."

Wimble has made it easier for the emerging artist to impact the world with their song by continually revamping, refining and updating his vast list of contacts to a major cross section of music media and related companies that will help the D.I.Y. musician reach the masses. Still, it's up to the artist to direct their own promotional campaign. The Indie Bible has compiled a volume of helpful articles on the ever-changing industry with advice on the steps musicians can take to get their own ball rolling.

"The marketing and promotion is essentially the same, just more outlets," Wimble reiterated. "So, instead of just pounding away at MySpace as an artist would have done 20 years ago, you now have to spread your time out across a whole range of social media platforms. Whatever way you dress it up, the foundation of promotion will always be the same. This includes the most famous stars in the world as well as a newbie on the rise."

Wimble relayed the fact that most of the feedback he gets from indie musicians is in the form of gratitude such as this letter recently sent to his Canadian home office,

"Thanks for saving me about 4,000 hours of work!"
- Dave Grammerstorf, Recording Artist

ABOUT THE INDIE BIBLE: From Country to Hip Hop, Gospel to Heavy Metal, Folk to Experimental, and everything in between, The Indie Bible has helped THOUSANDS of independent artists reach success! Even though you have recorded some amazing songs, in order to succeed you need to build an AWARENESS of your music, not just a FEW places, but EVERYWHERE! The Indie Bible is the CORNERSTONE of The ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE - a phenomenal resource that can help you to get valuable radio airplay, music reviews, spotlight features, video airplay, physical & digital distribution, signed to a record label and much more!

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