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Richie Kotzen Releases Video for "Riot"

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Rocker Richie Kotzen enlisted in the ranks of rock and roll many decades ago but has only recently received his stripes and moved into the upper echelon of solo artists - generally speaking. Sure, he bared his teeth and showed his true talent when he ran with the pack of Winery Dogs for a nice five year double cycle. But - the artist, singer, songwriter and gifted guitarist is lately content with building his own army - one recruit at a time. His latest draft letter is a video for a new track called "Riot".

In the face of turbulent and perhaps perilous times this one is an intelligent call to action. It features multiple waves of rapid fire notes working alongside Richie's strategic approach to blistering rock and sultry soul. "Riot" raises the flag for the signature sound of the modern era Kotzen. Even if it doesn't get society up in arms it will have you moving your feet in a rage of ruin and redepemtion. Come see what the fuss is all about as it's a sure bet he'll be taking this message to the streets in a town near you soon.


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