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Neal Morse - "Jesus Christ The Exorcist (Live At Morsefest 2018)"

by Laura Lynch

In late 2020, prog-rocker Neal Morse released a new epic entitled Jesus Christ The Exorcist (Live At Morsefest 2018). As the title tells, this live album/DVD and Blu-ray was recorded at the annual Morsefest in 2018, where Neal with an array of artists performed the then new production Jesus Christ The Exorcist in its entirety. We had the pleasure of attending this event and were astonished by the varied, vibrant storytelling by a capable cast that including a full rock band, singers, strings & horns sections, classical percussion and a choir. Neal's passion play was documented and is now ready for the world to experience.

The performance covers a lot of ground opening with a dramatic orchestral opening followed by softer guitars and vocals that circle back to heavier tones. A technique effectively used throughout the show to share the gospels. During the concert Neal explained that as he was reading the scriptures he observed that Jesus exorcised a lot of demons. Thus, Morse's musical focused on those miracles. The opera also followed essential moments in Jesus's ministry which included his baptism, his 40 day trial in the desert, the Last Supper, the crucifixion and a joyful resurrection. Songs were also presented from the perspectives of Judas, Peter and the Sanhedrin.

A production of this caliber is no easy feat but fans of Neal know that he consistently presents quality despite the complexity of his endeavors and this project is no exception. Neal Morse with his talented team exercised no restraint with Jesus Christ The Exorcist (Live At Morsefest 2018) and delivered prog pageantry of the highest order dedicated to a higher power.

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