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Neal Schon - Universe

by Laura Lynch

In 1972, Neal Schon founded the band Journey. Neal is the only consistent member who has worked on every album and tour. They have sold over 100 million records and their anthem "Don't Stop Believin'" is the most downloaded song of the last century. Much of Journey's success should be accounted to Schon whose guitar playing is both masterful and melodic.

In December of 2020, this award winning artist released Universe. This 15 track solo project runs the gamut from blues, rock and soul all spiked with soaring guitar solos. The title track is one of many highlights with its colorful and creative soundscapes. Neal also pays tribute to other classic rock acts including Hendrix with a spellbinding "Voodoo Child" and an out of this world "Third Stone From The Sun".

"Caruso" is a tip of the hat to early mentor Carlos Santana. Schon puts a passionate spin on Prince's "Purple Rain" then later ends this engaging instrumental with an eloquent version of "Hey Jude" (The Beatles). Neal Schon brings power and precision to each piece which gives Universe abundant universal appeal!


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