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Dr. John - Gumbo Blues

by Richard J. Lynch

This one is just what the doctor ordered! As we all try to collectively forget the year that cannot be mentioned - Dr. John the legendary bluesman from New Orleans - has teamed up with many specialists in his field including Sonny Landreth, Joe Louis Walker, Chantel McGregor, King Solomon Hicks, Mike Dawes, Doug Kershaw and more to provide the musical cure to whatever might ail you! Sure, as a posthumous 11 track recording Gumbo Blues comes too late to save the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductee who passed in 2019. But, his signature sound and the legendary concoction that he became famous for that stewed together blues, jazz, boogie-woogie, funk and soul is available here in abundant doses. So, get the party started and be ready to be inoculated against any ill that might come your way - especially if it's a balding, evil cheating woman - a theme the good Doctor returns to repeatedly here with gusto and gumbo!


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