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Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta - Soul Redemption

by Laura Turner Lynch

Martin/Marotta - Soul Redemption is an innovative collaboration from Flav Martin (guitarist/vocalist) and Jerry Marotta (drummer/producer). Their nine song CD is a flavorful blend of contemporary adult rock spiked with pop and world flavors. Fans of Peter Gabriel will appreciate this record as Jerry Marotta and Tony Levin, the rhythm section of Peter's classic line-up, reunite for the backbone of this album. Also supporting the duo are their long-time friends Peter Primamore (piano), Thor Jensen (guitar), Marc Shulman (guitar), and Gary Schreiner (harmonica/accordion). Soul Redemption showcases Flav's soothing vocals which are well-suited for the intelligent instrumentation and lyrics that flow smoothly on this clean crisp collection. Standout tracks include the serious "Soul Redemption", a pleasing "Please" and the rousing "Rio De Janiero." Whereas the traditional Italian ballad "Coffee Song (Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè)" captures Flav and Jerry's Italian roots. Soul Redemption is melodic, worldly music that is good for the soul.


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