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Neal Morse Is Back on The Great Adventure in 2019

by Rich and Laura Lynch

The Neal Morse Band - Neal Morse (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards), Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), Randy George (bass), Bill Hubauer (keyboards, vocals), Eric Gillette (guitars, vocals) - will take fans on THE GREAT ADVENTURE with their current double disk due out January 25, 2019 on Radiant Records via Metal Blade Worldwide. The concept album is available for pre-order in three formats: a two CD package, two CD/DVD Special Edition featuring behind-the-scenes video clips of the making of the album, and three vinyl LPs. The band will tour in support of their latest epic. They are scheduled to perform at the City Winery in Nashville, Tennessee on 02/02/19 with final dates in Spain on 04/14/19.

"Let the great adventure now begin..." the closing line of The Similitude of a Dream has proven to be strangely prophetic. The new album adds more adventures to the retelling of John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. The Great Adventure builds on its companion with classical, jazz, metal and rock elements punctuated by memorable melodies, all played flawlessly by some of the most respected musicians in the world.

The Great Adventure is the follow-up to 2016's critically acclaimed The Similitude of a Dream which was hailed as "a masterpiece." The group has set the bar high for themselves as they continue telling the story of a spiritual journey. Some of the same trials of the former record are encountered on this prog rock pageantry that runs the gamut from heavy to heavenly. However, it will be up to fans to decide which of these two high quality tales they prefer. The band members quoted below are excited about The Great Adventure.

As Neal Morse explains, "This band continues to amaze me! I have to say it was a little daunting to follow up The Similitude of a Dream as it was such a special album and it delivered every night at our concerts, but I believe that The Great Adventure will have a tremendous impact as well. This new double album is everything that I hoped it would be! I listened through last night and I was in tears at the end!"

Mike Portnoy emphatically agrees. He says, "How do you follow an epic double concept album??? Well, create another epic double concept album!! Hahaha. I always knew topping The Similitude of a Dream was going to be difficult, if not impossible, as I held it in such high regard, but alas, I am absolutely blown away with what we achieved here! We've created what is the ultimate companion to TSOAD."

"Sometimes there are things that you just can't mess with," Randy George continues, "on TSOAD we tapped into something special. I was sure that the follow up should be something quite different, but you have to follow your heart and follow the music where it wants to go. The Great Adventure is nothing short of a miracle. It's similar to Similitude in concept and form, but yet it's tougher and deeper in its tone! This is a powerful work and I look forward to playing it live!

The past few years have been busy for Neal Morse. In 2017, he embarked on a world tour in support of the ambitious The Similitude of a Dream. That trek concluded in September at the annual Morsefest in which Testimony 2 and Similitude were played in their entirety over the two night event. Much of Testimony focuses on Neal's daughter Jayda who was born with a hole in her heart. As the family was waiting for the doctors to determine when it would be safe to operate, Cherie (Neal's wife) had asked her church to pray for Jayda. As told on Testimony 2, while in Europe Neal received a late night call from Cherie who reported the impossible - Jayda had been healed! That moment changed Neal's life and in 2018 their miracle baby got married.

Also in 2018, at Morsefest, Neal debuted his latest musical Jesus Christ - The Exorcist this production was possibly his most expansive epic to date. But would you expect anything less from Neal who was backed by a rock band, a full choir, horns, a string section and multiple singers. Prior to Morsefest it was announced that Frontiers Music Srl with Neal will release Jesus Christ -The Exorcist as a double disc in 2019.

Neal's compositions were lavish and lengthy. During Morsefest 2018, Neal explained that as he was reading the Gospels he noticed how many evil spirits Jesus exorcised. Thus, Morse's musical focused mainly on those miracles. The opera also followed pivotal moments in Jesus's ministry which included his baptism, his 40 day trial in the desert, the Last Supper, the crucifixion and a joyful resurrection. Songs were also performed from the perspectives of Judas, Peter and the Sanhedrin. Lastly, based on social media posts it looks like Flying Colors were in the studio recently working on new material. We have our fingers crossed for a 2019 Flying Colors release paired with a possible tour and perhaps an appearance at Morsefest!?

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