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Interview: New Jersey Rocker Jason Didner Preps His Digital Carnival That Promises to Be One Wild Ride!

by Rich and Laura Lynch

New Jersey rocker Jason Didner is a longtime friend to our network of music promotion websites and he is also a prolific recording artist who is prepping his most ambitious project to date. The impressive and insightful concept album called Digital Carnival is set for an April release with the title track now available on all platforms. So, we had to get Jason on the line for a few minutes to ask him about his own nascent career that is now tackling the deep questions of the digital age.

Photo used with permission - courtesy of Jason Didner.

SP: Jason - you have been at this a long time. Do you feel that you have finally found your audience/tribe and they in turn have found you?

JD: I've found enough engaged audience to know that my music benefits those who spend time with it. I've gotten to enjoy having mailing list members regularly reply to my messages about how my new song landed and what's going on in their lives. I'd say I have enough fans to provide "proof of concept".

There are real challenges though. With 60,000 new songs uploaded to Spotify every day though, people are not going to stumble upon my creations. Attracting one new fan requires lots and lots of social interaction to pique interest. For any of my existing fans reading this, you'd make my day by sharing my creations with family and friends - both in-person and online.

SP: Can you briefly describe the concept behind your latest record?

JD: It's a rock album that presents a conversation about our present-day technology and how it affects our everyday lives. As my wife Amy and I wrote the lyrics, I kept remarking that I can't believe some of this stuff isn't science fiction! In "Zeroes and Ones" we briefly recount the story in the New York Times where a journalist tested an AI engine and it told him to leave his wife because the AI wants to be the love of his life. We rant about all the acronyms we have to know. We explore the fragmented, distracted nature of online life.

We get into the sense of envy and insecurity that social media stokes in kids and adults alike. There are songs about the really dangerous stuff too, like online disinformation and radicalization. Ultimately we seek out our better angels and reach for those more pure joys we can get online when in-person options are on hold, like during the pandemic.

SP: What words best help define your time in the music industry working as a recording artist - and why?

JD: One word, from my perspective: "miraculous". I consider it miraculous that I can produce full rock albums, completely on my own terms, in my own house and anyone anywhere in the world can potentially hear it. In the 80s when I was learning to play, you needed a record deal (except in the underground punk scene, which was more DIY). Studio time was extraordinarily expensive. You couldn't make an album unless you were either signed or had wealthy financial backing of your own.

Of course, to borrow one of my song titles, it's a complicated miracle because if I can make a record in my house, so can millions of other musicians. And the same technological (and business model) developments also mean that listeners have access to more free music than they can ever listen to in a lifetime.

It means a great deal to me to be able to create this music. It means even more when you, the listener, engage with it and share with me how it landed for you.

SP: Where do your fans go to BUY your music?

JD: My web site has a store section where you can support my music if you like it. I've also created some meaningful merch bundles that can help you deepen your connection with my music. I offer stainless steel water bottles and coffee mugs bearing album artwork that also come with high quality downloads of those albums. Having the album artwork on everyday items is a nice way to remember the music and be prompted to listen to it again. My store also offers handwritten lyric sheets you can frame and hang in your home if one of my songs really resonates with you. You can even order a 30-minute guitar or piano lesson with me.

Jason Didner has just released his humorous video for "Digital Carnival".

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