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The Top Ten Best Apocalyptic Rock Songs of All Time

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Back in 1991 - at the height of the Gulf War - I saw something on CNN that left a lasting impression. In those days they were still a news organization that sent reporters on location. The location they chose for this segment was the Jezreel Valley, otherwise known as the plain of Megiddo or Armageddon. The gist of their story was that if the Bible is to be believed this site would see the end of human history as we know it with the fearful and awesome Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The end of the world has served as good fodder for rock music. So, we figured if it was good enough for CNN it's good enough for us. Here is our list of "The Top Ten Best Apocalyptic Rock Songs of All Time". Feel free to disagree, dissent or discuss. But, make it quick. Time might be running out.

#10 - DON'T TAKE THE SIXES by Rockin' Rich Lynch: Back in the 1980's a teenage Rockin' Rich Lynch felt the need to warn the masses of the coming peril set to emerge straight out of the last book of the Bible. He wondered "what would the figure in Rev. 14:9 actually say?" Thinking it over he and decided a song would be involved. We urge you to share this important apocalyptic anthem with your friends. Please purchase it while there's still time to buy and sell with no mark required!

#9 - THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST by Iron Maiden: Progressive metal really took form as Iron Maiden found the singer who would lead them to their promised land. This title track and other songs from the same album urged fans to run to the hills as the number of an angry beast loomed just ahead. It was frightening then - it's terrifying now.

#8 - NEW WORLD ORDER by Saint: Before the year 2020 rolled around it was hard to get anyone to believe there was a New World Order. But, now that it seems clear that horrific hands are pulling strings behind the curtain and implementing an unwanted script on the unwilling masses - people are starting to wake up. Yes, big brother is watching and the people are beginning to take note.

#7 - ALL YOU ZOMBIES by The Hooters: This song teamed with an appealing spiritual doom and gloom as it name-checked Noah and the Holy Father. Oh, to go back in time when it seemed a zombie apocalypse was only found in the world of Hollywood and in the minds of these affable lads from Philadelphia.

#6 - SILENT RUNNING by Mike & The Mechanics: Listen, we're not sure if this one is actually about the Apocalypse or not. But, something dire and dramatic is going on in this song where its words ring even truer today than they did back in 1985 when it was originally released.

#5 - BLACK HOLE SUN by Soundgarden: It just might be easier if the sun would go supernova and put us all out of our misery. No end times, no tribulation, no mark of the beast. Is that too much to ask? Either way, Chris and the boys put out the most fabulous song of the 90's even if its subject matter was a little dark.

#4 - QUITE SUDDENLY by Phil Keaggy: Keaggy is quite literally God's gift to guitar and he is regularly recognized for his otherworldly chops and prolific creation of incredibly inspired music. This track from his self-titled release from the late 90's seems to underscore his belief that the Church will someday be pulled out of the world to escape the worst part of the coming calamity. We can only hope.

#3 - IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT (AND I FEEL FINE) by R.E.M.: There was a time when we passed the time waiting for the end times by trying to memorize the complicated and convoluted lyrics of one of this Athens, Georgia based band's most beloved songs. Now that it seems the end is really just around the corner - honestly, I don't feel so great thinking about it.

#2 - EVE OF DESTRUCTION by Barry McGuire: I was just a young tike when this track proposed that we were nearly near the end. With its vivid imagery of death, war and destruction - I blame this tune for my generally pessimistic outlook that permeated my formative years. Still, it's a fun one to play at parties and can be a real conversation starter - if anyone is listening.

#1 - SOUND ALARM by Michael Anderson: The Apocalypse never sounded so good as acclaimed songwriter Michael Anderson rocketed to international fame on the strength of the title track from his debut album. The drums of war and a riveting refrain will get you marching all the way to the end of time with a little help from the Beast and the False Prophet as you hit replay over and over again until the plug is finally pulled on a wayward world.


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