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Ace Frehley Ascends to Great Heights in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Ace Frehley - the original Spaceman from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame enshrined rock group KISS - landed at the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville on Sunday, October 3, 2021 as part of the electrifying double-bill that also featured Alice Cooper in the headlining slot.

Ace Frehley - the original Spaceman - lands in Nashville.

Ace wasted no time in lighting the fuse ripping through three KISS favorites to kick off his well-received set. "Rocket Ride" provided the fuel while fans fed off of the energy of "Parasite". By the time "Strutter" was complete it was apparent that Ace and his fine band had really found their stride. Next, Frehley paid homage to a few of his musical influences - Mountain and Led Zeppelin - with a pair of tracks from his critically acclaimed Origins Vol 2 cover album.

Philip Shouse and Jeremy Asbock in Nashville.

A lot has been written over the years about the relationship between Ace and the other members of KISS. But, whatever was said one thing remains true. Gene Simmons did Ace a solid when he suggested that Ace take his band out on the road. Frehley took this advice and added Nashville musicians guitarists Ryan Cook and Jeremy Asbock along with bassist Philip Shouse - to the fold. Known locally as Thee Rock N' Roll Residency, these longtime friends have a chemistry and passion for rock and roll that helped lift Ace to new heights in Music City. Famed rock drummer Matt Starr rounded out the rockin' lineup at the Ascend.

Guitarist Ryan Cook and drummer Matt Starr making music in Music City.

"You know I've never taken a guitar lesson, right?" inquired Ace while in the middle of his guitar solo that would see his custom Gibson Les Paul begin to smoke like La Palma in the Canary Islands. This was a fiery way to bring his portion of the night to an explosive close with more KISS hits including "Detroit Rock City", "Cold Gin / Black Diamond" and "Deuce". The familiar disco stylings of "New York Groove" (briefly adapted to say "Nashville" groove) reminded all in attendance just why Ace had the most successful solo outing of the four original members of KISS. Our only complaint about his show? No sooner did Ace and company find the groove than it was over.

The fabulous Ace Frehley Band - circa 2021.

SETLIST: Rocket Ride | Parasite | Strutter | Rip It Out | Never in My Life | Good Times Bad Times | Shock Me | Ace Frehley Guitar Solo | Detroit Rock City | New York Groove | Cold Gin / Black Diamond | Deuce

Ace opened for Alice Cooper on an electrifying and crowd-pleasing double bill.

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