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Tony Lucca Storms Though a Special Request-Centric Set in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Tony Lucca is a Nashville based singer-songwriter with one of the more interesting stories in Music City. The Michigan native first made a name for himself as an actor on The Mickey Mouse Club before achieving even greater national recognition when he finished third on the second season of The Voice in 2012. On March 05, 2020 he headlined a hometown show at the City Winery that was billed as the Tony Lucca 2020 By Request Retrospective.

Tony Lucca Storms Though a Special Request-Centric Set in Nashville
Tony Lucca gets busy at The Lounge at City Winery.

Taking full advantage of the inherent clarity of the year "2020", Tony Lucca is embarking on a nationwide tour, performing songs from his extensive catalogue, strictly by request. Through the Tony Lucca 2020 By Request Retrospective Facebook Page, fans pick the tunes, thus each and every concert will feature a unique set of music. Of course, when Lucca conceived of this creative concept he could not have envisioned that a quick spreading virus would shut down shows on a nationwide basis for much of the month of March.

Back at the City Winery, Lucca impressed with a strong and charismatic singing voice coupled with his energetic approach to playing his acoustic guitar. He admitted to being a bit out of sorts as he along with his fellow musician friends were dealing with the aftermath of the tornadoes that ravaged the region less than 48 hours prior. Still, the powerful opener "Right Here" proved him to be present and in the moment as fans and performer both glowed in the healing power of music.

Tony talked about his career as an indie artist and revealed that he's been working at his craft and building a catalogue of music that dates back 20 years now. As he presented "It's You" he described how the writing process for this particular track convinced him that he should and could make a life out of writing songs. "Paint a Picture" - a requested fan favorite was colorfully bright complete with whistling and an uplifting chorus. One of Lucca's more recent numbers, "Cowboy Soul" revealed how the prominence of country music in Nashville was making its way into his stories.

"In Nashville when you visit, people say - anything I can do for you just let me know and they mean it." He continued that folks really do want you to be part of the community here. When Tony moved to the "It City" he soon found his calendar consumed with co-writes from old and new friends alike including sometimes tour-mate and "Nashville treasure" Gabe Dixon, as well as the Grammy-nominated Billy Montana. Since it was a local show, special guest Liam Lucca took a seat at the cajon to add percussive elements to a number of his father's tunes. Tony closed with "Other Side Of The Clouds" - a soulful sentiment that spoke to our troubled times yet offered hope and ending the concert on a strong note.

Tony Lucca along with opener Roger Street Friedman both delivered solid sets at The City Winery. The venue continues to present a flavorful list of artists from various genres plus they make their own wine which can be paired with a fine selection of foods. The City Winery prides itself on being a listening room so arrive early to enjoy conversation, drinks and a meal before the music starts.

Tony Lucca Storms Though a Special Request-Centric Set in Nashville

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