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Candice and Ritchie Shed a Little Light During Global Dark Night of the Soul

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Back when we lived on the East Coast we had the extreme privilege and honor of reviewing several concerts by the highly entertaining Renaissance folk rock band known as Blackmore's Night. Comprised of legendary guitarist and Rock Hall enshrined Ritchie Blackmore along with his beautiful and buoyant wife Candice Night - the duo and their mates don't make it to our parts in Nashville much these days. So, it was extra thrilling to catch an online performance they gave for their fans worldwide who are currently locked down due to the pernicious plague that has overtaken the globe.

Candice and Ritchie Shed a Little Light During Global Dark Night of the Soul
Candice and Ritchie shed a little light from Minstrel Hall.

In the comfortable setting from their home on Long Island that they have dubbed "Minstrel Hall" Candice and Ritchie appeared warmed and relaxed on their live stream held on Thursday, April 09, 2020 as part of the News 12 concert series that is keeping audiences entertained even as this troublesome universal house arrest continues unabated with no end in sight. However, the pair's banter and humor did provide some light in the darkness of these downright troubling times.

As their hour-long set kicked off Ritchie did joke about being recognized for his work in "Led Zeppelin" as well as being a fan of living on Long Island thanks to it's pollution, high taxes and clogged expressway. Still, you can't feel bad for one of the luckiest men in the world who had his lovely life partner by his side. Candy confirmed that her husband - known for his mysterious and distant demeanor before social distancing was even a thing - would much rather live in Medieval times.

As the musicians opened with "The Clock Ticks On" it became apparent that fans were in for a rare and fascinating treat. The couple who often dress in garb of days gone by provided personal insight into their life with a glimpse into their home and an up close view of their private interactions with each other. As Ritchie began the second song "Peasant's Promise" he asked his wife if she was nervous. All these years after founding the Blackmore's Night project together Candice laughed like a giddy girl in the presence of the rock god saying to her mate, "I always look a little nervous around you".

"Is there anybody out there," asked Ritchie as Candy revealed that they were not necessarily experts at the use of social media saying that the guitarist prefers to communicate with his friends via "carrier pigeon or smoke signals".

The answer was a resounding yes and fans from all over the world tuned in to the show especially from their European hotbeds of Germany, England, Russia, Sweden, Serbia, Hungary and points all around the imprisoned planet. Once the audience was engaged the talented twosome began fielding requests in real time. As the special concert unfolded Ritchie played a variety of stringed instruments while Candy sang her lovely melodies and provided accompaniment on several wind instruments.

Candice and Ritchie advised their fans to be on the lookout for their newest CD, "Natures Light" that is currently in the mastering phase and will soon be available to entertain the quarantined. The title alone suggests that the new songs will be uplifting and potentially optimistic as their tunes often are. However, if things keep up as they are they might want to consider "A Return to the Dark Ages" as the title for the follow-up. Because Blackmore's wish to live in Medieval times gets closer to reality with each passing day.

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