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Alice Cooper Ascends to Great Heights in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

"A Horror Show!" For most concert reviews seeing these words in print might convey a negative connotation. But, in the case of Alice Cooper it's the highest form of praise we can offer after witnessing the October 03, 2021 incarnation of the act at the Ascend Amphitheatre in Nashville, Tennessee that came to town as part of an electrifying double-bill also featuring rock legend Ace Frehley in the opening slot.

Alice Cooper was scary good in Nashville.

"We own Halloween," exclaimed Alice from the stage that was configured into a Nightmare Castle that would serve as the backdrop for this scary good presentation of hits and real deep cuts from the Cooper back catalog. We've seen Mr. Vincent Furnier in a live setting on several occasions prior and can report that the man and his character never let any cobwebs gather on the goings on - always adding frightening new wrinkles to keep the "death" heavy show fresh and alive.

With Alice Cooper it was fright night in Music City.

Opening and closing with a "Frankenstein" theme the night included many of Cooper's biggest hits - "No More Mr. Nice Guy", "I'm Eighteen", "Poison" and the closer "School's Out". Other songs were vehicles for many of the oversized props including the giant expired baby who waddled on stage during "Dead Babies". The ever-present giant guillotine made an appearance while Alice's wife had a recurring role as the unfortunate love interest during "Roses on White Lace" and "Black Widow Jam".

The Nightmare Castle came to life in Nashville.

Alice made mention that he and the band have been sidelined like the rest of the world and this tour represented their first time out on the road in a year and half. But, Cooper's capable crew consisiting of many longtime members - including Chuck Garric, Bass & Vocals; Ryan Roxie, Guitar & Vocals; Nita Strauss, Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals; Tommy Henriksen, Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals; and Glen Sobel, Drums, Percussion - were more than up to the task of providing the flash and the fright all night to the large crowd's delight. They were up to their old tricks and it was truly a treat.

Alice Coopers and his theatrical band at the Ascend Amphitheatre.

SETLIST: Feed My Frankenstein | No More Mr. Nice Guy | Bed of Nails | Rock & Roll | Fallen in Love | Go Man Go | Under My Wheels | He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask) | Social Debris | I'm Eighteen | Poison | Billion Dollar Babies | Guitar Solo (Nita Strauss) | Roses on White Lace | My Stars | Devil's Food | Black Widow Jam | Steven | Dead Babies | I Love the Dead | Escape | Teenage Frankenstein | Encore | School's Out

Rock legend Ace Frehley opened the show.

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