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Asphalt / Concrete Sealing, Crack Sealing & Line Painting in Chilliwack area, Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland of BC

Protect Your Pavement Investment Before Problems Surface

We specialize in pavement maintenance, asphalt and concrete sealing and line painting in the beautiful province of British Columbia. Crack sealing and oil based asphalt rejuvenation / sealing are the two primary methods to keep asphalt protected in order to save you money in costly repairs and to keep your pavement investment looking great.

Why Oil Base Rejuvenator / Sealer

Asphalt rejuvenators differ from typical water based sealers, as rejuvenators function by penetrating into the asphalt whereas water base sealers sit on top of the pavement. While both protect against oxidation, chemicals, and water, the benefit of the rejuvenators penetration into the asphalt is that it restores vital oils within the asphalt matrix that are lost naturally overtime by oxidation, so it not only prevents oxidation but also reverses it. It is important to make sure you keep the oils in your asphalt fresh as the oils are the glue that keep your asphalt together and is what makes asphalt elastic. Asphalt elasticity is extremely important as it is what allows the pavement to expand and contract without cracking when the pavement gets hot or cold throughout the seasons. If your asphalt is beginning to crack then it is a likely sign your asphalt is oxidized and in dire need of rejuvenation, left unchecked the asphalt will only continue to oxidize and more cracks will continue to appear.

Locations We Service

We service the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, Greater Vancouver area, including Hope, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Mission, Langley, Aldergrove, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Delta, New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam and Vancouver.

Recent asphalt / concrete sealing and line painting projects

Line Painting and Pavement Marking Projects
Concrete Sealing
Asphalt Sealing, Rejuvenation & Repair Projects
Asphalt Sealing, Rejuvenation & Repair Projects
Asphalt Sealing, Rejuvenation & Repair Projects
Line Painting and Pavement Marking Projects

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